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Aeronautical School

Frequently asked Questions

Q: Is the licence that I get after the training internationally recognized?

A: After you successfully finish the training, Aeronautical school Aero recommends you to the Civil Aviation Authorities of our country. Then you have to pass the final theoretical and practical examination in front of Civil Aviation Authorities. Our country is a member state of ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization). That means that this licence is recognized in all ICAO member states. To become employed in some other country, it is necessary to know what are the additional conditions for certifying our State licence by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of the country of your particular interest.

Q: How to enroll into Academy and is there an entry test?

A: Please contact our General manager. To be able to understand lectures, You should be good in English and have elementary basis in mathematics and physics, which we believe You satisfy without special preparation. So please call on +381 64 29 25 075 and ask for General manager to arrange Your training commencment date.

The entry exam is on the level of basic knowledge in English language, and elementary school level of mathematics and physics. The medical certificate is issued by the Institute for Aeronautical Medicine in Serbia Belgrade.

You can enroll during whole year, although flying is reduced during winter period.

Q: Does the Academy recognize my previous flying hours gained in other flight schools or clubs?

A: Your flying hours will be approved by the Aeronautical school Aero if they were carried out by appropriate regulations. In this case Aeronautical school Aero reserves the right to review previous training and to carry out theoretical and practical checks regarding previous segments of training

Q: What is the minimum age required for flying? And for licence?

A: The lower limit is 16 years and for this age we recommend Summer Flying School. The licence can be obtained when candidate 18 years old.

Q: How long the pilot training lasts?

A: It depends on programme you have enrolled in. Please look at the table under the "Training program" menu.

Q: What is the medical criterion for enrolling into Aeronautical school Aero?

A: There are 3 classes of medical certificates: A,B and C. To hear more details please contact Institute for Aeronautical Medicine in Surčin, Belgrade. Generally, healthy young person can satisfy C criterion. The problems could be reduced eyesight or reduced hearing ability.